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A Spiritual Phenomenon. A Miraculous Moment With God.

  A Divine Intervention.

A true story about praying to God. I had never prayed so hard in my entire life. Suddenly I felt an overwhelming sense of LOVE surrounding me. During this intervention, they allowed me to capture their images.  I believe they inspired me to write the ‘thoughts’ in my book to hopefully help the world. 

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My dream… is to do whatever I possibly can to help the planet while I’m on it.  There are extreme environmental, human rights and animal welfare issues, which need our attention. All which weigh heavy on my heart. I can only hope you feel my passion  and empathize with the ‘thoughts’ in my story. Time is of the essence….

Karen Mussette

Karen Mussette has been a practicing artist all her life, focusing on writing, photography and painting. She is a major advocate for human rights, animal welfare and the environment. She is also a proud mother.


Excerpt number 1

“Please God, help me… please guide me…please help me God, help me…I don’t know what to do…help me Lord Jesus, please help me…Jesus, please God help me…I’m so afraid…please hear me Jesus.” “Please God, make mom better, please…please God, make her better…and watch over Zachary in China…please keep him safe. Go, watch over him, please go now…please God, please go…”
All of a sudden I felt this enormous amount of LOVE surrounding me. It was undeniably the most transcendental loving experience. I felt these amazingly beautiful spirits in my room. I couldn’t see them, yet I could sense their presence surrounding me. I could feel their warmth, their brilliance and unconditional love. I could hear their faint voices whisper in my mind, trying to console me, comfort me. Whispers from heaven.”

Excerpt From: Karen Mussette. “My Guardian Angels.” iBooks.

Excerpt number 2

“Therefore, as a person who suffered injustices as a small child, I’d like to share some thoughts regarding all the injustices done to humanity, the animal kingdom and the environment. All which weigh heavy on my heart. Along with some other thoughts to hopefully help the world. We are all the same, living together as members of the human race. We’re all given the gift of tolerance the minute we are born. We should always remain so. God does not judge us by our skin color, sexual preference, or chosen religion. All God cares about is what’s in your heart. No matter who your God is…they are all about love. Nothing less. We are all tied together by that thread of love, weaving through our hearts, the world over. We are ONE."

Excerpt From: Karen Mussette. “My Guardian Angels.” iBooks.

Excerpt number 3

“When I was a child, I had countless “tidal wave” dreams. I mean huge waves, the size of the Empire State Building. I still do, on occasion. They are terrifying dreams, and I always think I’ll drown with everyone else, yet somehow I survive. In one very vivid dream as a teenager, God asked me to help save people from drowning because I’m a swimmer. I looked up to the sky and sadly replied, “I’m sorry God, I can’t save everyone. There are too many.” Then I said, “But I love you.” God then wrote back in skywriting, “I LOVE YOU TOO.” I’ll never forget that dream, for it was in color and very powerful. I remember I was wearing a turquoise dress that I had made, and the sky was very blue. But it was a very upsetting dream because I couldn’t save everyone from drowning."

Excerpt From: Karen Mussette. “My Guardian Angels.” iBooks.



By Jennifer Williams
Jul 9, 2016
Her book reads like Mark Twain with its refreshing and direct approach to writing. It is a poignant reflection on life. The moment she captured a beautiful ray of light with her phone camera was a sign from the universe that her Guardian Angels are with her, protecting her and guiding her to write about her experience and to share this message with the world.
Los Angeles, Ca.


By Lynda Costa
Jul 9, 2016
A must read!!! It's a refreshing and inspiring account through the eyes of the author, Karen, going through a challenging journey in life. She offers hope by sharing and refocusing our attention on our foundational beliefs and the beauty in life. It's truly a beacon for me and I keep it by my bedside for a quick reminder... you are not alone and you must believe!!! Lynda
New York City


Richard Benedon
Jul 11, 2016
This is a remarkable book. In just a few pages, the reader is brought to a higher level of awareness about the natural order of our beautiful planet, and how we must have greater sensitivity about our impact on it. If only 5% of the world felt the way Karen Mussette feels, we would all be living in a better place.
~Google Play


Amazon Customer
July 15, 2016
The book takes you inside the phenomenon of Guardian Angels with photographs supporting the author's personal experience which is both touching and thought-provoking. The true-life story occurred during the author's darkest hours -- the emotional days leading up to her home's foreclosure and her separation from the many things she held dear. We can feel the sense of loss and the metaphorical "door closing" that allows "a new window" to open -- with her guardian angels appearing and instilling a new sense of purpose. Inspired by her experience, the author discusses and illuminates the changes in humankind that will bring the most hope, joy, and stability to our chaotic world. I must admit, as somewhat of a cynic myself, a first-hand account of guardian angels documented by a photographer does alter one's perspective on undiscovered possibilities, spiritual awakenings, and the belief there are angels among us. Even more interesting is that while thinking about reviewing this book, My Guardian Angels, a news report comes on my TV about a surprising photograph taken by a bystander in Stanton, Kentucky in which a large glowing light is seen in the middle of the photo over the body of the seriously injured motorcyclist who died later at the hospital. The world needs to see and hear about more of these inspiring events. The "My Guardian Angels" book is a topic in the zeitgeist and an experience which gives hope to us all.

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